Frequently Asked Questions

How experiential learning will benefit my child?

Children learn faster if they are involved in the activity, example a child learns cricket rules quickly while playing but finds the math class boring. It is because his level of involvement is much higher while playing cricket. Experiential learning is designed to increase child's involvement, thereby immensely improving the learning outcome.

Do I get a Demo class before joining?

Yes! The first class will be an assessment cum Demo class of the child. This is FREE!

Why is course fee monthly?

This is a language course, unfortunately, there is no quick method of teaching language to children, therefore the course shall typically go on for as long as your child has scope for improvement.

Do you prepare the child for the English test in school?

No! Textbooks are banned in our classes. English is a language, not a subject. children learn language by using it while talking, discussing, acting, reading, listening etc.

What is the teaching methodology?

Assignments are used for concept building. Most of the course revolves around activities where children enjoy, laugh and play while learning English.

What is the suitable age of a child to be enrolled?

Kids between 3.5 years to 15 years of age are suitable. Our courses are created JUST for KIDS! We promise your child will LOVE Whizkids.

Is there money back guarantee?

Yes, After completion of the first month, a full refund will be initiated if someone wants to exit. No questions asked!

Will my child get personal attention?

Yes! Each child gets personalised attention. The teaching methodology dwells on a child's natural ability to learn which is different for every child. Also, every child has different interests, therefore unique activities are designed for each child on the basis of their interests.