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Personalized Teaching – Will it benefit your child? April 22, 2018

What is ordinary classroom teaching?
A teacher addresses a group of children with a predetermined course curriculum at a speed suitable to the average child. Each child goes through the same method of teaching, same examples, same activities and at a constant speed.

What is personalized teaching?
Personalized learning refers to instruction in which the pace of learning and the instructional approach are optimized for the needs of each learner. Learning objectives, instructional approaches, and instructional content (and its sequencing) may all vary based on learner needs. In addition, learning activities are made available that are meaningful and relevant to learners, driven by their interests and often self-initiated.

Does personalized teaching really help children learn better?
This has been the topic of research in the education industry for quite some time. The objective of such studies is to improve the learning outcome and experience of each child. It aims to improve the teaching methodology, which can ensure children learn better and quicker. There has been evidence promising that personalized teaching can actually improve a child’s learning outcome, below indicated is an excerpt from the research report.

"A new report commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has found that students in schools using personalized learning strategies made greater academic progress, over the course of two years, than a comparison group of students with similar academic performance and from schools with similar demographic profiles. According to RAND Corporation researchers in “Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning,” the students in the study made gains in math and English language arts that were significantly greater than their peers in other schools."

Each child is unique in abilities pertaining to problem-solving, language, critical analysis and math. Also, each child has different interests and inclinations, which forms her drivers and motivators. Personalized teaching is about understanding a child’s interests, personalizing course content and optimizing teaching speed to her abilities, This, when done properly, has found to significantly boost the learning outcome of children and may well give them an edge in this meritocratically competitive world