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Does your child find English difficult? It is not his fault! April 29, 2018

What really is English? The question is seemingly odd, yet let’s try and ask this to a parent or a child on the night before the English exam in school. Most parents will either say “It is a subject which my child hates” or “It is a subject which my child likes, therefore it increases her average percentage”. Now think carefully, what really is English?

English is a language, just like Hindi, Spanish, Punjabi, German, French etc. children learn to speak their mother tongue fluently even before going to school, in fact, even students who do not have access to schooling are fluent in their mother tongue and are able to communicate easily, yet our children find it so difficult to learn English, the question is why?

English is taught like a subject, like math, science etc whereas it is a language. There are students who are able to crack competitive exams like CAT, GMAT yet can barely speak English, that is because they learnt it like another subject, perhaps like SST, this kind of learning fades away in less than two years.

A better and simpler method of learning English in childhood is to simply use it like a language each day. For example, children who grow up reading novels find English simpler all through their lives also such children find it easier to crack competitive exams.