Want to improve your child’s behavior? Try Social Learning Theory! October 22, 2018

A child behaves differently in different situations. A parent would agree with this. A child often behaves in a dominating and a stubborn way at a toy shop or an ice cream shop but the same child behaves obediently in front of relatives that he meets for the first time...

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4 Benefits of Reading | Whizkids June 14, 2018

4 Benefits for kids who read story books
1. Improves grades in all subjects.
All subjects are taught in English. Kids who read story books have a great understanding of grammar and vocabulary at an early age. This improves the understanding of all subjects.

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Every parent has this question in mind. But what is the answer to this question? The answer lies in the kind of activities your child likes to do. Research has shown that Hands-On Activities creates deeper understanding in children. The concepts are retained for a lon...

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Does your child find English difficult? It is not his fault! April 29, 2018

What really is English? The question is seemingly odd, yet let’s try and ask this to a parent or a child on the night before the English exam in school. Most parents will either say “It is a subject which my child hates” or “It is a subject which my child likes, theref...

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Personalized Teaching – Will it benefit your child? April 22, 2018

What is ordinary classroom teaching?
A teacher addresses a group of children with a predetermined course curriculum at a speed suitable to the average child. Each child goes through the same method of teaching, same examples, same activities and at a constant speed.

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Got a personal tutor for your child? Perhaps he deserves better! April 11, 2018

Personal tutoring is one-to-one coaching where one teacher is involved with only one student. This method has a major advantage when compared to traditional classroom teaching, that is, the pace of teaching is adjusted according to the child’s ability to learn. However...

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